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A step to unknown

A step to unknown


Quite often it appears a door openings in Katris paintings. For Katri it symbolises the new opportunities and new beginnings. The life is in constant change, but it is not always so easy for us humans to accept and allow the change. Sometimes we have to, because there is no other choice and sometimes we get the opportunity, but it's not every time we dare to open the new door. To get those opportunities we also need to let go of some old and close doors. Do you have a curious mind and want to see behind as many doors as possible during your time in this lifetime? Or do you rather stay in the comfy place and keep the doors closed? Katri has a very curious mind and sees the opportunities everywhere, sometimes she is too eager to open new doors but still have difficulties to close some of the old ones, this can lead to too much wind through the door openings, so her challenge in this lifetime is to learn to let go and fully dare to step in to the unknown!
Framed or unframed-as you want!

  • Akryl på bomullscanvas bild 27x39cm med ram 38x47

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