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Soft body - soft mind

Soft body - soft mind

SKU: 1/30
950,00 krPris

Everything is connected and everything affects everything. What does that mean? How do YOU experience it all? The more you are in peace with yourself, the more peaceful and joyful energy you will spread around you. When the body and mind are in stress it all gets more tense and up at the surface, the more your body softens, so softens even your mind! Every layer is connected, when you soften you will get in deeper layers, both in your physical body, but also in your mental body. Practice stillness and peace, your breath is your tool, feel the connection, breath through it all, observe and feel everything without an judgement. Life.
This artwork is send with the fitting passepartout, 30x30. Not framed. Signed by Katri. Edition of 30.

  • Printed on Hahnemühle Bamboo 290g watercolourpaper

    Every day I am having walks in the nature with my beloved dogs. Every day is different. Every day there is something beautiful I want to print in my memory. The most of the pictures are located to Ekerö in Sweden. These photos are just taken with the mobile camera, some with iPhone, some with Samsung. They work out beautifully as small pictures, the picture is 17x17cm. 

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