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Be present, be the observator of your own thoughts, of your body sensations and your surroundings. Accept what is and try to live a non judgemental life and don't expect anything. Feel what you feel, experience every moment, the now, cause that's all what exists. Be aware in this spaciousness. Let the magic in.


This is how Katri practice to live her life!

In this artwork she has been inspired of her yoga practice, deep sense of herself. The combination of the breath and movement leads her attention inwards and allow the stillness within. Feeling all sensations, observe them and feel alive. Something she wishes everyone could experience and practice! Because that makes living so much more exciting and interesting on this earth!


The wooden frame supporting the canvas is so called "deep edge" or "3D". Katri likes this kind of canvas, because it works so well without the frame!

  • Mixed media på bomullscanvas 50x100 cm "3D"

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